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Resilience News & Media (RN&M) was formed by victims and advocates for victims. WE are ADVOCATES helping victims overcome challenges which we ourselves have personally faced. Assisting others is our way of healing, yet giving back to a realm within our criminal justice system which lacks awareness and resources.

The State of California’s Victim Compensation Board is a fantastic organization whom have helped so many. Unfortunately, because of their limited government allotted resources, they can only help a minimal percentage.

WE are a small self-funded privately funded television news and media foundation, a PBS (public broadcast service) for victims so-to-speak. Some of our founders work full-time jobs but understand the need to help others in their spare time. We have all been taken advantage of in one manner or another. For us, this is a fighting cause, NOT a job.

By spreading the word about us, we hope to grow and assist as many victims that the State of California may turn away.  Our desire is to be a backup for victims who have been turned away by the State due to funding or other reasons. THE DIFFERENCE IS, we are a “hands-on” team who have personally been there and gone through our own hell.

Some of us have experienced abuse as foster children, others of us have been violated by way of rape, robbery, sexism, discriminative hate, identity fraud, cyber bullying, etc.

Regardless of what your specific victimization involves, it is time for all of US “victims” to STOP BEING VICTIMS and instead, stand UNITED. 🥊

Here at RTVN&M, our focus of victimization centers around identity theft in the work place or, in relation to any HIPPA protection rights violations. Just like in court, IF you have 📄documented fact of a perpetrator (a police report, medical report, lab tests, video, polygraph, audio recording, photographs etc.), i.e. documented proof, than the term “alleged perpetrator” and/or “allegation” GETS THROWN OUT THE WINDOW.💨

No matter what injustice has been done to you, WE promise to:

1. Stand by your side. Give you the emotional and moral support you need, and/or direction.

2. Guide and help you through the reporting process to all applicable law enforcement, task enforcement and/or government entities.

3. Give you a voice (to share your injustice story) via independent press 🎥 and EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA TOOL IMAGINABLE without the ridiculous fees that NPR or other resources would charge.

4. Help you seek free or low-income counseling, help you fill out and/or file government claim forms, efile small claims/limited/unlimited civil lawsuits so as to seek financial RESTITUTION for any emotional injuries and/or damages without the help of overpriced lawyers who only care for their bottom line OR lawyers who “pass” on your matter because they do not feel that YOUR legal matter is financially worth pursuing.

The lawyers we work with are well-familiar with crime and how, as a result thereof, physical and/or emotional violations can arise from unfortunate circumstances. Most of these attorney services are voluntary, free, or made available on a low-income pay scale for charitable purposes.

Similar to non-profits such as Legal Aid or Bet Tzedek, we work on a PAY-SCALE. According to proof, the less you earn, the less you pay.

Remember, we only handle DOCUMENTED criminal related victimization cases specific to IDENTITY THEFT in the work place or, in relation to any HIPPA protection rights violations.

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During our crisis, we found that HIGH PROFILE CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS such as renown criminal celebrity attorneys GERAGOS & GERAGOS and THE COCHRAN LAW FIRM were not only kinder, but also more apt to help pro-per victims in guiding them toward civil restitution, solely to be nice (G-d bless them).

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💙  A special THANK YOU to these prestigious firms for their help and contribution. Considering these firms handle high profile criminal cases, we appreciate their willingness to give back regardless of what side anyone is on.

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We will always take your calls OR (if after operating hours), return your message within 24 hours. We will always respond to your emails.  We won’t just “guide” you. Just as your own family does during difficult times, we will be there when you need encouraging words. We will believe in you until you can emotionally restore yourself back to who you were before the tragedy occurred.

Bad people are selfish and think only of themselves; LIKEWISE, VICTIMS must come forward, face the battle for justice and place THEMSELVES first.

Life is hard. Bad things happen. Prove to yourself, that you’re a survivor, NOT a victim. 👊

Be blessed- much love,

RN&M Team💖

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